“You think that when you love somebody you have to totally follow him or her. No, that’s not love. When you love somebody you have to be totally truthful with that person.” - Yogi Bhajan

Explore what is an authentic relationship and what it's not and step out of the unconscious and romantic love and co-dependent relationships. Come back to your heart awareness. Relate to your soul as the foundation for authentic relationships and conscious love.

Become the healthy lover for yourself and your partner. The deepening in our connection and love for each other, and the inner journey of self-awareness and self-love is so powerful and profound.


This workshop will be an opportunity to take a moment to think and meditate on your current or past relationships. Are they empowering to everyone involved? Are they based on trust, love, and compassion? Are they sincere or misleading?

Unfortunately, many relationships today have become superficial and end up doing more harm than good. Behind many of these superficial connections lie selfish intentions, ones of which sometimes we are not even consciously aware. Relationships have become all about “I” and not “we.” What’s worse is we continue to remain in emotionally abusive relationships because we are afraid of leaving the “security” to which we have become accustomed. We feel obligated to stay in touch with individuals who do nothing but bring us down, thus hindering our ability to live our life to the fullest.

Why is this? Why are so many of today’s relationships so unfulfilling?

Human relationships are what make our journey as humans so incredibly beautiful – we possess the ability to literally connect with billions of people around the globe. We have the ability to laugh, to smile, and to love anyone that we choose. Harmonious relationships are essential for growth; without heart to heart connections, our soul suffers. Unfortunately, harmonious relationships have become rare.

During this workshop, we will explore 5 Pillars to build up authentic relationships:

  1. Embrace Individuality

  2. Trust

  3. Purpose & Projection

  4. Communication

  5. Flexibility – Expect changes and transformation 




Saturday 20th October, 12pm - 4pm.


The Authentic Relationships Workshop is open to anybody who wants to experience personal growth, understand and learn to relate from the heart with them to attact sacred relationships. The workshop is suitable for couples and singles.

The Authenthic Relationships Workshop is recommended for therapists, sexologists, psychologists, coaches and educators.

Come and join us! You’ll feel grateful, deeply blessed and supported by the community.


We'd like to present our wonderful teachers to you and share the excitement of having the truly inspirational International Trainers Satmukh Singh Khalsa and Sat Sarbat Kaur for the Authentic Relationships Day Workshop in Brisbane. 

Sat Sarbat Kaur and Satmukh Singh Khalsha are internationally renowned teacher trainers with more than 15 years travelling and sharing the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Founders of the AJAI ALAI ASIA AWAKENING INTERNATIONAL KUNDALINI YOGA SCHOOL, they offer Kundalini yoga trainings in several countries and support the spiritual and professional growth of students and Kundalini Yoga teachers in Asia, Europe and Australia.




 11 Sussex St, West End. 



$85 for four hour workshop

$75 member / teacher in training

*Tea and light nibbles will be served.



If you’d like to further your understanding and learn lifelong practices to bring consciousness, connection, communication, appreciation, gratitude, passion, love, openness into your relationships. Join us at our upcoming Level 2 Authentic Relationships Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (April 2019)

The Training is open to KRI Level One Certified Instructors and anybody who wants to experience personal growth, understand how the feminine and masculine energies work and learn to relate from the heart with them to attact sacred relationships. This is a unique adventure in consciousness supported by the science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.