The perfect course to get you started on your Kundalini Yoga journey. Understand and practice yoga safely. Learn about alignment, yoga postures, pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation practices, focussing your mind, mantras and chakras (energy centres in your body). You'll learn techniques which lead to deep relaxation and healing of mind and body. 


Kundalini yoga, known as the yoga of awareness is the fastest growing yoga in the world for its fast, highly effective technology in creating positive change within one’s system on physiological, emotional, mental and energetic levels off the mat. Specially designed to fit into our hectic lives of the modern age, kundalini yoga techniques are simple, powerful and effective for our busy lives and noisy minds. 


Learning Kundalini yoga will stimulate your body's systems, making you experience increased energy levels and a greater sense of inspiration and enthusiasm for life. Life is about facing new challenges and this intensive course will help you grow. You will learn how to use the power of your breath to lead you into relaxation when facing life's challenges, and how to use your energy efficiently. Learning how to create more energy within, minimising stress and waste of energy is the key for a balanced and happy life. 



Next COURSE dates

Friday 30th November (6:30pm-8pm)

& Saturday 1st December (11:30am- 4:00pm)

Limited spots available. Book soon.



This includes 10 days of free unlimited yoga classes (until Dec 10)



11 Sussex Street, West End, Brisbane.



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Carolina Arjan Hari is the founder of Kundalini Yoga Brisbane. Carolina is passionate about helping people awaken their creative energy for personal awakening and spiritual growth. Her journey has been transformative through Kundalini Yoga. Carolina's mission is to empower people to live healthy, balanced, passionate lives, allowing everyone to find and act on there sense of truth and purpose and reconnection with their soul.



Brooke Har Simran Kaur is passionate about helping people become a better version of themselves. She loves guiding students on a journey into the Self where the pure bliss of their own totality can be felt and powerful healing can occur. Her classes are energised, deep and supportive and will leave you feeling elevated, yet calm and focussed.   



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Jamie Seva Shakti Kaur continues to deepen her self-exploration through yoga study, emotional release bodywork, psychosomatic therapy, yoga therapy and meditation. Yoga for Jamie became so much more than a workout only on the mat; it became the empowering practise of continually learning to honour, listen and communicate effectively with one’s body-mind.  


Beginners Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Intensive Course
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