Awaken the divine feminine within through the experience of community, commitment and courage. Using the depth of Women’s Teachings from the Kundalini Yoga tradition to empower, evoke and enhance your feminine essence physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

'Self-inquiry through self acceptance'.

During the course of the 4-weeks in August, we will be covering the different facets of self-acceptance, including discovering (or re-discovering) some of your gifts, reconnect with your purpose and refine your direction. A deep journey of self-inquiry through self acceptance, so that we may flourish into the wholeness of our being.


august dates

Thursdays 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd (12.15pm - 1.45pm)

Awaken your feminine, feel powerful from within & be part of a women's yoga community. Join us in awakening and activating a softer, more intuitive, sensorial and responsive approach to leading a prosperous, spiritually connected life using ancient yogic science for self-healing. All levels of experience including absolute beginners welcome.


How to feel strong in oneself, in our feminine vulnerability, softness and beauty. Using the powerful and healing technology of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, we invite and invoke our inner courage as modern women to open our hearts to heal from within so that we may love ourselves in a deeper, more integral way as well as allowing ourselves to receive love from another. 

As women, we live in a contemporary age where life demands a lot of us. Oftentimes, we can feel drained or depleted physically, energetically and emotionally due to all that we give of ourselves. This series is designed to help replenish, strengthen and sustain a healthy, robust glandular system that directly influences the nervous system, endocrine system, chakra system, other glands and organs, and indirectly strengthens our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness, with a feminine approach.

Experience first hand the subtle yet potent effects of what connected breath, movement, mental focus and sound can bring, without having to subscribe to any one set of beliefs, have a bendy back or touching your toes.


Kundalini yoga, known as the yoga of awareness is the fastest growing yoga in the world for its fast, highly effective technology in creating positive change within one’s system on physiological, emotional, mental and energetic levels off the mat. Specially designed to fit into our hectic lives of the modern age, kundalini yoga techniques are simple, powerful and effective for our busy lives and noisy minds. 


You'll feel great, relaxed and revitalised after nurturing your mind, body and soul with this Kundalini Yoga series. These classes are designed to help you rebalance your body, regain strength, bring clarity and peace of mind. You also get the chance to connect with a lovely community of women.



Jamie Seva Shakti




"I'm absolutely loving the classes. I love how she tailors the classes according to how everyone's feeling energetically. Look forward to a love-filled June!" - Natalie
"I love the format and the Feminine Shakti Series was very powerful. I'd be very happy to continue. I'm looking forward to the Awakening Your Heart (Creating Self Love) Series and am keen to do more in this area. I'd also like a workshop on clearing negativity / anger / healing relationships; also am happy to do a lot more on Feminine Shakti. Overall, a beautiful class, a great teacher!" - Leanne
"Love the angel cards at the end. Jamie awesome at giving instructions. Variety of each week great. Love the tea also. Small, only women class during school hours! And love end of session conversation. Finding some sections too long but hoping as I keep coming it will get easier. Overall I am loving it. Thank you Carolina + Jamie!" - Jane
"My energetic makeup has completely changed, my aura is clean and strong, I vibrate on a whole new wavelength and "medical" issues I have had for years have completely vanished including a breathing/chest problem  that no doctor could figure out! If you are being called to practice Kundalini Yoga & Meditation I highly recommend Jamie and her classes as she is the most supportive, fun, charismatic, intuitive, caring space holder and an incredible teacher & guide. She is very passionate about what she brings to the table in her sessions but she's also that beautiful infectious bright light in the room that makes you laugh and smile from the heart. Much Love & Light. - Jessica Armstrong



 11 Sussex St, West End. 



$110 for four classes ( $95 member)

$85 for three classes ($80 member)

$60 for two classes ($55 member)

$35 for one class ($30 member)




Feminine Shakti Kundalini Series
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