Strengthen, revitalise yourself & be part of the women's community while introducing your children into yoga and meditation.


A blend of Kundalini yoga, meditation and mantra to help mums regain strength and flexibility living a healthy and happy life whilst spending valuable time connecting with the women's community and introducing the children into yoga and meditation.

These classes are a healthy space for mums to immerse into the practice of kundalini yoga and meditation accompanied with their children. The child is welcome to stay with mum in class while mum does yoga. Mums are fully responsible for their children in class as classes are not children oriented, although a yoga mat can be provided for them. 

Motherhood is a busy time for mums in which you don't have many opportunities to provide a quality time for yourself. With these classes you'll find a space to reconnect and at the same time have the opportunity to introduce your child into yoga, meditation and mantra, without forgetting that the main focus is yourself.

We're flexible in terms of the rhythm of the class, noise, etc. as we understand that practicing with children can be different.

The class is a space for yourself to practice at your own pace, to play with your child, chant, do yoga, feed your baby, etc. There will be yoga music and you do not have to worry if the baby is loud. We'll have fun!


You'll feel great, relaxed and revitalised after nurturing your mind, body and soul with Kundalini Yoga. You also get the chance to connect with your children or baby in a friendly and healthy environment being part of a community of mums. 

All levels of experience including absolute beginners welcome. Classes are open to children all ages up to 7 years old.

The yoga studio is located upstairs and therefore would be best not to bring the pram. Please bring a blanket if you need for your baby and if you would like some toys to play with. 


Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any question.


women's & children community




Thursdays, 10:45am - 12pm

Please let us know your interest here in order to reserve your spot.



 11 Sussex St, West End. 



Jamie Seva Shakti




$90 for four classes / $85 member


Spaces are limited. Book your spot. 

Mums With Children Yoga Classes
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