Would you like to experience more bliss, connection and love? Do you want to learn how to incorporate Tantric principles in your daily life? Are you ready to discover the power of integrating spirituality and sexuality?

Join us for a weekend together from the Heart of Tantra!  An intensive 2 day experiential introduction to traditional Tantric teachings, principles and practices to transform your life, relationships and sexuality.



We will explore many practical tools of Tantra in order to become more connected to ourselves and others, more peaceful, relaxed, blissful and ecstatic. Learning the Tantric perspective on pleasure and intimacy you will keep your connection strong to communicate openly and explore together. This Workshop will bring you amazing bliss and fulfillment in your relationships but also transform your whole life for the better.

This is a fully clothed, non-confrontational workshop, with no explicit sexual elements, although there will be sharing, dance, movement and touch exercises. We combine theory and simple practical exercises, meditations and yoga to give you a strong foundation of Tantric knowledge and awareness that you can immediately begin to put into practice in your daily life. The workshop is appropriate for both couples and singles.


Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition that can be described as “the science of knowing yourself and existence”. By contemplating ourselves Tantra has discovered many methods to help ourselves to reach our full potential. Most famous in the Tantric tradition is the wisdom about relationships and sexuality: a path to full self-realisation but even for people with less aspiration, a very practical path to have divine relationships. Tantra can teach you how the divine polarity between the masculine and the feminine can bring you amazing bliss and fulfilment in your relationships. Are you ready to explore the mysteries of Tantra?

Tantra Kundalini Brisbane Workshop


PROGRam for the weekend:


During the weekend, we will explore the following topics:

- The Tantric perspective on pleasure and bliss.

- Awakening of the senses in a Tantric sense ritual.

- The sacred art of conscious touch.

- Awareness and active relaxation.

 - Polarity in relationship, the key to true intimacy.

- Tantric Hatha Yoga asana practice.

- The 9 stages of a Tantric lovemaking ritual.

- Secrets of sexual continence and Tantric orgasm.

- Tantric movement meditation.

- Discovering the magic of transfiguration.



- Saturday 23rd September: Optional morning Kundalini Yoga (8:30am-9:45am). Start at 10:30am, a one hour lunch break around 1pm and finishing at 6pm. 
- Sunday 24th September: The Workshop will start at 10:30am, a one hour lunch break around 1pm and finishing at 6pm.



Jorrit from Maha Siddha

Tantra Sexuality Workshop for Couples and Singles

Originally from the Netherlands, Jorrit has been practicing Indian and Tibetan Tantra for more than 17 years and is a Tantric Yoga teacher for Maha Siddha Yoga School, certified by Atman, the International Federation of Yoga and Meditation. Jorrit has access to a vast body of knowledge related to spirituality, meditation, yoga and Tantra that he can substantiate with his own direct experience – nearly 2 decades of rigorous daily practice. After a total of 4 years living at a tantric ashram in Denmark, Jorrit is happy to be back in Australia and share these amazing Tantric teachings with the community here.



“Thanks for a great weekend. You provided a safe structure for us to
explore Tantra which allows for more honesty and showing up. Was a
really accessible introduction to living a Tantric life.” - Steve, Psychotherapist

“I highly recommend this wonderful, real, practical workshop to
anyone. The facilitator is outstanding and presents from his heart. It
will change your life.”

“Jorrit facilitates with a high degree of integrity, creating a safe
space for exploration of deep subjects in a light comfortable way. He
knows his stuff and present it beautifully.” - Ciannait

" Insightful, informative and humorous workshop with great presenter and
yummy treats. Great place to begin a new adventure exploring your
connection to your own sexuality. 
Thank you Jorrit! I feel at ease and ready to start fresh with my intimate connections.” - Vashti



This Brisbane based Workshop on self-discovery and inner-awakening is recommended for all couples and singles who wish to reconnect and truly communicate, and to be able to have an intimate, open, fulfilling sacred relationship and sexual life. This Workshop is open to everyone.



Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September (10:30am-6pm)



11 Sussex St, West End, Brisbane.



Single: $350; $335 Members

Couple: $665; $635 Members. Special offer: $525

SPECIAL OFFER 50% OFF ~2ND PERSON (For your partner or a friend!)

$525 ($260 per person) instead of $665