Be revitalised and aware of your amazing potential. Experience the unique benefits Kundalini Yoga and meditation can have on your life.

Kundalini yoga, known as the yoga of awareness is the fastest growing yoga in the world for its fast, highly effective technology in creating positive change within one’s system on physiological, emotional, mental and energetic levels off the mat. Specially designed to fit into our hectic lives of the modern age, Kundalini Yoga techniques are simple, powerful and effective for our busy lives and noisy minds. 

More and more people are discovering the transformative strength, wellbeing and awakening of the practice and science of Kundalini Yoga.

Raise your energy levels, improve your health, reconnect with your higher self and get a deeper sense of peace and clarity of mind.


FREE Kundalini Yoga Class

Join our NEW early morning class starting this June. Spaces are limited. Book your spot now.

Wednesdays, June 19 & 26


Moon Woman Workshop

Learn to tune into your cycles. Explore you natural rhythms & cycles. Be nourished by a like-minded community of women.

Saturday, August 24


Community Circles

Your space to nourish, empower and evolve in community. If you’re new into Kundalini Yoga, these Community Circles are perfect for you to join us!

Saturday, July 20


Your tool for inner transformation is here! This is an empowering online course designed for those who are ready to make the changes and elevate their life.

Clear, coherent, highly practical and relevant to these modern times, this course is designed to facilitate your awakening and personal transformation.

Kundalini Social

Workshop for Beginners & New Students

The soul entity of Kundalini Yoga Brisbane with the purpose to share the love and wisdom of the Kundalini yoga teachings at another level. A Workshop on Sexuality & Vitality, Stress & Mind & Ancient Healing practices.

Saturday, August 3


Radiant Birth Workshop

A practical, insightful and fun workshop for pregnant mothers and their partners to prepare them on the journey to a safe, conscious birth.

Sunday, August 25


Sadhana Community

We come together in community to practice yoga, mantra and meditation. What a great way to start this cosy, cleansing and nourishing time to reset and rejuvenate our bodies, our minds and our hearts.⁣

Saturday, June 22


Health + Strength


Peace + Truth


Balance + Intuition


Energy + Creativity



Happiness + CLARITY


Kundalini Yoga Brisbane's mission is to empower people to live healthy, active, passionate lives, allowing everyone to find and act on their sense of purpose with positive effects for the community and the planet.


I love coming to class and being a part of the group energy. It’s lonely practicing by myself and also acts as a motivator to get away from the office. Too often before finding your community I would work back late and then eat dinner alone.
Now I have an outlet that gets me into a positive space, with people who love Kundalini Yoga, and I find whatever is being taught is perfectly aligned to the lesson I am learning or emotions I am experiencing that day.
— J.M
I’m enjoying the classes. It gives you a deeper calm within and helps reaching that higher conscious level.
— Daniel
Kundalini yoga has allowed me to find the much needed stillness of mind and stress relief that I have been seeking in my life. I am able to walk away from each beautiful class with clarity and calmness!
— Kathy Gardiner

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