Best Places for Meditation in Brisbane

No matter where you are in Brisbane or the world, meditation can bring you many benefits. Why is meditation so important and where can you meditate in Brisbane?


Firstly, let's cover some of the meditation basics




Close your eyes, take a deep breath and listen to the silence, calm and peace within you. Struggling? If you're stuck in your thoughts and can't find peace of mind, meditation will definitely help! Thoughts like 'today I don't have time' or 'it's not for me', are just some of the negative thoughts created by our mind. For many of us, distraction and a lack of focus in our minds is very common.

Have faith and know that it's certainly possible to find peace of mind. Patience and practice is the key. 



In meditation we learn to sit still and train our mind to be still. From a scientific perspective, we create new brain patterns and adjust our nervous system until we develop the habit of non-mind, mental concentration, helping our mind from wandering. When we reach that point of stillness, we can see our lives with much more clarity and consequently happiness is generally a strong resultant.

Some meditation practices, such as Kundalini Yoga, surround you with music and mantras and also work on the heart centre energy and deeply on the mind to create those new mental habits. 


In meditation we learn to sit still and train the mind to be quiet so it can create new and more positive mental patterns. The first thing we need to do is to sit and set a positive intention for the next moments. We need to tell our mind that we're going to spend the next few minutes in silence. We don't have to create high expectations, just flow and enjoy it. Creating a positive affirmation will give you courage and patience.


In meditation we need to create a positive space. This doesn't have to be a big space; a small spot on a cushion is sometimes enough. If it is at home, it is recommended to create your own space for your daily practice. Somewhere you can sit regularly and immediately feel comfortable and calm. It can help if you incorporate some inspirational elements like a candle or a picture of your guru. 

Remember that you can meditate anywhere. Sometimes a cushion at home is enough. Meditating surrounded by nature can also be a great experience. It's best to choose a spot where you are not easily distracted by other people.

Here are some of Brisbane's best spots to meditate:


Mount Coot-tha Botanical Gardens

Mount Coot-tha offers beautiful gardens at the base of the highest peak in Brisbane. Mount Coot-tha is a popular tourist destination but you can easily find peace here surrounded by beautiful nature. Explore the gardens for a quiet spot free from distraction and people walking by.


Jolly's Lookout

In the heart of the D'Aguilar National Park (formerly Brisbane Forest Park) lies this nice lookout which is quite popular with families. The lookout also offers space to have a barbecue and can get busy, so if you'd like to meditate here, it'd be best to go here at quieter times such as school days.


Enoggera Reservoir 

Located close to the entry of D'Aguilar National Park near The Gap, lies the Enoggera Reservoir which was recently opened as a recreation spot for swimming, walking and outdoor activities. The reservoir can also get busy during weekends, but offers quite a few nice spots along the trails.


Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Kangaroo Point is a beautiful spot next to the Brisbane River. At the base of the cliffs, lies a popular spot for walking, cycling, rockclimbing and picnics. There are a number of spaces which are more peaceful than others, so explore the area and see what you find. 


Orleigh Park, West End

Located on the Brisbane River in West End is Orleigh Park. The park is located on the river bend and has some beautiful shady spots under some Moreton Bay Fig trees. Like most of the locations above, this spot can become busier during weekends as it also offers barbecue and playground facilities in some areas.


We wish you all the best on your meditation journey. If you'd like to learn more, our Beginner's Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Course can provide you with the fundamentals for daily practice.

Good luck,



* Top photo courtesy of Jade Photography Brisbane.