A Simple, Effective Meditation to Restore Your Balance: Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation

The Sa Ta Na Ma meditation is a simple yet extremely effective meditation recommended by Yogi Bhajan, which can help you to reconnect with your intuitive abilities and inner balance. It's a great meditation to practice, no matter whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

In moments when you are feeling unbalanced or overwhelmed this powerful meditation can clear profound stagnant emotions, uplifting your emotional body and improving your mental strength, concentration and focus.

If you find yourself over-thinking or feeling out of your balance, you can take some time to rebalance yourself by meditating with the Sa Ta Na Ma mantra. It can take you to a place of peace from where you can refocus, feel de-stressed and tune into your inner peace.

This meditation contains the sounds of Sa Ta Na Ma, which are referred to as Existence, Life, Death and Rebirth. Meditating on this cycle of life and creation, Sa Ta Na Ma, you can experience peace and tranquility flowing within yourself and a sense of being present. 

Yogi Bhajan says that if you can do only one meditation, 'Sa Ta Na Ma' is it. So how can you practice this simple meditation technique?

Firstly, it's worth mentioning that practicing this meditation daily and at a regular time will help to bring you the benefits more quickly.


Sit comfortably in an 'Easy Pose' (this is a cross-legged position with your spine straight).


Close your eyes and turn them upward to focus on your brow point, the point between your eyebrows.


As you chant, imagine a continuous flow of energy from above, moving into the top of your head, the crown chakra, travelling in the shape of an ‘L’ to come out the front of your head at the brow point or third eye chakra. 



Hands posture: 

Place the back of the wrists resting on the knees. As you chant each sound, alternate the movement of your fingers (index, middle, ring and pinkie finger), so that they connect with your thumb in a continuous motion. Be aware of the pressure. Keep repeating the mantra synchronising with the hand motion throughout the whole meditation.

SA, thumb to your pointing finger (Jupiter).
TA, thumb to the middle finger (Saturn).
NA, thumb to the ring finger (Sun).
MA, thumb to the pinkie finger (Mercury).


Meditate for 5-7 minutes increasing times with practice until 11 minutes. 


2 minutes aloud.
2 minutes whispering.
3 minutes silently.
2 minutes whispering.
2 minutes aloud.

To end:

Sit quietly, and stay within for a few moments. You may like to relax on your back for a few minutes.

Good luck with this meditation!

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Sat Nam,