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Feminine Leadership ~ Kundalini Women Community Worldwide. 

'Unless love drives you to do what seems impossible, you would never reach your full potential. A Radiant Woman is a Divine Glow, living in the centre of your heart' - Yogi Bhajan.

We're happy to be hosting the Women of Light Foundation in Brisbane. Mujer de Luz (Women of Light) is a non-profit foundation to create the female potential for transforming the world. Sharing a common vision for women's health and wellbeing, they are currently working to incorporate the International Kundalini Yoga Social Programs for Women into the Australian and New Zealand KY community.

The Women of Light Foundation is present in Argentina, China, Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Uruguay and Peru, and arriving to Australia in 2016 to visit Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

KW (Kundalini Woman) is the International Kundalini Women's Program taught by Women of Light Foundation (FML, Foundation Mujer de Luz).

Nam Nidhan Kaur Khalsa

Nam Nidhan Kaur Khalsa

Nam Nidhan Kaur Khalsa (Chile) Antropologist and direct student from Yogi Bhajan is the Founder, Director & Lead Trainer at The International Women of Light Foundation. Having trained several generations of teachers and thousands of students, Nam Nidhan is an icon in the Kundalini Yoga Women Community worldwide and teaches extensively around the world. 

Nam Nidhan has delivered internationally a range of profound and successful programs to inspire and empower all women as well as women in social risk (experiencing abuse or depression). As a pioneer in combining social intervention with the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, her foundation works with government programs in diverse countries for progress in Women’s Development.

She has been dedicated to teaching women around the world for over 18 years, and in 2014 was awarded with Honours by KRI as an outstanding teacher for her service and purity in delivering the teachings.

The Foundation began in South America and has since reached the USA, Spain, China and now the UK and Australia. 

The upcoming 'Women's Leadership' Yoga Workshop in Brisbane is part of her 2016 Australian tour and is open to teachers and students.

Reserve your space. Places are limited:

Women's Leadership Program: Inner Leadership & The Gifts of Your Feminine Nature. Brisbane, September 2016.

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