6 Ways to Start Your Regular Sadhana Yoga Practice

Are you craving a deeper connection with yourself? Incorporating a daily spiritual practice into your life will achieve that connection amongst many other benefits. In yogic tradition we call this daily practice ‘Sadhana’.

Daily Sadhana can improve your health and energy, unblock your creativity, and help you access your intuition so that you can live from a more authentic, light and joyful place.

It also helps you to be your own source of inspiration and light so that you can bring that light and inspirations to your loved ones, colleagues and to the world at large.

Starting a daily Sadhana requires time and commitment, and whilst this may scare some people off, it is actually not as hard as you might think.

Here are six easy ways to get a flying start on your home Sadhana practice:

1. Get clear, clean and healthy

The benefits of your daily Sadhana will be enhanced with a clean diet (minimal meat and processed foods), regular movement of the body (such as walking, running or dancing) and avoiding alcohol and drugs.

2. Create a sacred space

Find a quiet space at home to practice, somewhere where you won’t be distracted. Building an altar and decorating it with items that feel spiritually meaningful to you is a way to make your space sacred. You will also need a yoga mat and a pillow for meditation. Candles and incense help to cultivate the quietness within too. Make it your peaceful haven.


3. Practice before sunrise

For thousands of years, yogis have been getting up before sunrise to do their Sadhana because that time of day is considered to be sacred and infused with a sense of stillness and quietude which enhances the impact of your Sadhana.

4. Do yoga

Practice your Kundalini Yoga routine (called a ‘kriya’). You can do some Kundalini Yoga warm up exercises followed by a kriya. Kundalini Yoga has some fantastic short sets and kriyas to warm up your body and mind before you sit for meditation.

5. Meditate

Choose a Kundalini Yoga meditation or mantra that aligns with you. The effects of meditation are described very well by Mantra music artist and Kundalini yoga teacher Snatam Kaur who learned from her teacher “’Having a meditation practice is like cleaning the toilet bowl.’ Whether you’re cleaning out the traumas and dramas of the day before or 20 years before or maybe lifetimes before—you’re literally cleaning out the subconscious. It’s not only a service to your soul, but also a service to your family and to everything that you do.” (Omega, 2014)

6. Have the right kind of motivation

If you have the right kind of motivation for Sadhana then you are setting yourself up for success. Your heart has to be in it. Think about why you want to do this and how you want your life to change from this - set the intention.

After you experience the lightness, joy and peace that your daily practice brings you, you will become addicted and you’ll be wondering why you took so long to start!

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Reference: Omega. (2014). How to start a sadhana practice. Retrieved from Omega: https://www.eomega.org/article/how-to-start-a-sadhana-practice