Kundalini Spirits ~ Shakti Gian Kaur

My Story About Transformation with Kundalini Yoga

The the first words about Kundalini yoga I’d ever heard were in my Biology class at
university: “To maintain peak health you need oxygen to flush out toxins and increase cell
productivity. The optimal way to do this Kundalini yoga. This yoga also transcends the
psyche and lifts up the energy from the base of the spine, through all of the chakras,
clearing out blocks and creating a whole new state of physical, mental and spiritual sense of
 Michelle - a truly inspirational goddess that was teaching my first year of Biology and
thus I was instantly committed to seek out a Kundalini class.

I’m an avid reader, lover of energetic medicines, a full-time mother and student. Kundalini
has fit in with my life when I needed it, been the barometer of my sanity at times of
overwhelm and always been a welcome haven when I’ve journeyed away for periods
amongst the needy chaos that can be my life. Kundalini never holds a grudge if I haven’t
shown up the week before nor gotten boring when I fluctuate into a state of obsessive class


Every class is completely different – the poses still surprise me at times and the level of transformative meditation varies depending on what I need each time.

In 2013 I started searching for the right yoga and I found the combination of Vinyasa, or the gym once a week, coupled with classes at Kundalini Yoga Brisbane were complimentary for my well-being.

 A whole new understanding of Kundalini was awakened. I perceived that the Kriyas on their own provided an incredible range of both physical and meditative exercises where the whole being is vibrated. I know understand what my Biology lecturer was talking about. I can truly be the centre in the storm of relationships that circle around me, choosing to immerse myself in the love yet pull back and observe during those lighting strikes of emotions that make us human. I can now admit to drama addiction and choose not to partake in toxic relations.

"I see the best in myself when I channel with Kundalini yoga. In becoming present I am free".



I am spiritually fierce in my innate awareness of my intuition and authentic in my
communication because I practice Sadhana daily. I know myself better and this time I
actually like this person. She’s funny and wise yet can be taken down a peg or two with a laugh and constant gratitude for every mistake and failure. Life is a school on the earth that shines so much beauty in the smallest of moments so frequently that you are in perpetual state of grateful manifestation. After all, when I sit to meditate I am opening my heart to
the infinite, the union of all. So I am sitting in gratitude to us. 

The thing is I’m real. I’m not going to sit here saying how glorious my life is now and how
perfect a yogi I am. I’m not. I’m busy. I get exhausted and I have to stop. I try to be a good mother to my young children yet not lose my new-found drive to have an identity in the natural therapy world. Sometimes I feel I can balance everything well, other times I’ve over juggled and I have to drop a ball or two. With Kundalini practice I am present. I am neutral.
If I react I actually notice it and pause to reflect. My hidden creativity is starting to flow
freely and I’m loving the authentic connections with intuitive intelligent souls. I’m re-
building relationships with the people I value and letting the others slip away on their own
journeys. I know this is because I’ve not only awakened my kundalini, I’m learning how to
see the signs of it waning and can re-balance my chakras to maintain the energy I require to

I turn up to Kundalini class and I release my blocks in the safe haven of the Kundalini
Yoga Brisbane studio. Carolina and Brooke are some of the beautiful teachers that inspire
me every week. I’m finding my joy and my place in this life and I have a new attitude of
gratitude. Things are coming my way now. I've joined the Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, I’ve graduated Homeopathy, am now studying
Kinesiology and Pranic healing and can clearly define who I am without the new age trinkets
and safeguards. I am spiritually fierce and I am Shakti Gian Kaur. I hope to meet you in class
sometime soon and we’ll lift the earth’s awareness together.

Sat nam,

Shakti Gian Kaur


We hope to meet you in class soon! Please click the link if you'd like to attend  Kundalini Yoga Classes or here if you have any qestions don't hesitate to get in touch.

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