Are You Ready for Tantra?

TANTRA is a continuous evolution. It is a path to divine self-realisation. Tantra can be described as the science of knowing your own being and the rest of creation, it goes way beyond just having good sex.

Tantra is a bit of a buzz word these days. You can buy and do all kinds of things advertised as being 'Tantric’. So many people say they have done Tantra, as if they ticked off that box: been there, done that. The truth is that in Tantra you are never ‘done’, Tantra is a continuous evolution. Most people understand Tantra as techniques for better sex. They did hear that it is possible to have hours of long multiple divine cosmic orgasms without discharge. And while this is a very real possibility, they didn’t hear about the other side of Tantra: it is a path to divine self-realisation with all the consequences of a genuine spiritual path. Meaning it will confront your ego big time! In Tantra we define the ego as being that part of you that gives you the illusion that you are separate from the rest of creation. It has an important function, but if you are trying to find techniques for better sex with the normal western materialistic mindset, which is the attitude to consume stronger and stronger experiences to satisfy your desires, then you will never get to experience these mythical cosmic orgasms and they will stay always a myth to you. What is missing is true understanding of how you and the rest of
creation works. 


Tantra can be described as the science of knowing your own being and the rest of creation, it goes way beyond just having good sex. It has never been a religion. It is a spiritual approach that has been used by religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and can be used by anyone to empower their own spiritual path no matter what tradition you follow. It is considered a feminine path. Not that it is not for men, it is highly recommended for men as well. It is called feminine because in general women are much more in touch with creation because they are literally build to create. And for that reason, women are considered ‘natural Tantrics’, Tantric skills are much easier for women to master. Men in general have the attitude to
turn their back to creation and retreat in a cave. Something that also works: Gautama Buddha is probably the most famous example of this: He just sat under his tree until his full realisation. But the remarkable thing is that he had to deal with exactly the same aspects of his being (Mara tempting him) as any Tantric yogi/yogini would have to deal with.

 The practice of Kundalini yoga awakens this primal feminine energy, shakti energy, in the true divine form.

In our modern society it is not so easy anymore to just retreat like the Buddha did, for that reason Tantra
is considered a perfect path for our modern times. It has been called: the path of a householder. It
doesn’t require you to turn your back to your old life, it is teaching you who to become the master of your
own life so that you are finally living your life fully, and not that life is living you.

Tantra is all about embracing every part of you and your life as a way to complete realisation. So why is sexuality so important in Tantra? It is so important because it is the most powerful energy that a human being can work with. The huge attraction between men and women is the very fundament of our (pro)creation and it is so potent that we can use it to supercharge our own evolution to become better versions of ourselves.

Learning to be truly intimate with your partner provides unequalled opportunity for both of you to evolve very fast. This because a tantric relationship is like a mirror for yourself.

The magic of Tantra is that we are using the incredible attraction between men and women
as the force to get closer and closer to each other and along the path we learn the necessity to drop all those parts that do not belong to us and do not serve us (meaning the ego). That way we discover our true self and experience that our true nature is orgasmic and blissful!


Are you ready and willing to face the whole of yourself and master all of it? Then you are also ready to work with Tantric techniques. Because it takes wisdom and insight for these techniques to produce real experiences and ultimately discover who you really are.

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About the teacher:

Jorrit is a certified Tantric Yoga teacher for Maha Siddha Australia, has been studying and practicing Tibetan and Indian Tantra for more than 17 years.


Sat Nam,

Jorrit & Kundalini Yoga Brisbane