Transformation in The Age of Aquarius

There are two states of being that we all experience during our lifetime, one is fear and the other is love. All else in between stems from either one of these.

Since 2011 we have been in the Aquarian Age. You may have noticed in the last 7 years our world has changed, with the introduction of technology, everything has sped up. Information is liberated and being shared, and the old and outdated ways of the Piscean Age, are being exposed for what they are.

In the Piscean Age (prior to 2011) we were ruled by mental intellect and information equalled power. Life was ruled by competition, masks and ambition, personal power was status driven and it was a very ‘Every man for himself’ mentality. People were told what they must believe and who to follow.

Because the Piscean Age was so masculine based it really impacted our lower triangle (i.e. the lower three chakras) and our feminine polarity. This meant completely denying physical bodies, emotions, feelings, human-ness, women, and Mother Earth.

Before our hearts can be properly opened, the lower triangle baggage needs to be healed an transformed. Emotional traumas held in our lower chakras block the free flow of energy up the spine to the heart and upper chakras which keeps us in fear and stops access to love and our higher wisdom.

Kundalini Yoga Master, Yogi Bhajan, taught mostly kriyas that worked on the navel centre and lower chakras. His message was that to raise consciousness and live from the heart we must first cultivate a strong and powerful base in our lower triangle. He taught us to honour our humanness and sexuality.


The Aquarian Age is here to liberate us from these constraints based on fear and manipulation. This time puts power back into the people and teaches us how to love and trust our Self again.

The Aquarian Age teaches us to tap into our hearts, to value wisdom over intellect, love over fear, and connectivity over separation.

The Aquarian Age teaches us to stop searching, because we already have the answers were searching for inside. To create true change, we need to come together as one.

We are all being asked to change, we can do this kicking and screaming, or we can set ourselves up or success by finding stabilising tools that will support and anchor us deeply so we manage these fluctuations with grace and ease.

One of the easiest ways to tap into the power of the Aquarian Age and ride the wave of personal transformation, is through Kundalini Yoga. It is specially designed for these challenging times, the powerful breathwork, asana, meditation and mantras are all tools to create a much smoother daily experience of life.

Yes, you will still go through the inevitable changes that this Age brings, but you will do so with more grace, ease and happiness.

Picture Classes at Kundalini Yoga Brisbane

Picture Classes at Kundalini Yoga Brisbane

We’ve put together a brand NEW ONLINE BEGINNERS KUNDALINI YOGA COURSE to awaken this very truth within you, it will help you to break down all the blocks so that you can step fully into your truth and live an empowered life. We hope you join us on this journey!

Biggest love,

Har Simran

Kundalini Yoga Brisbane

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