Kundalini Spirits ~ Tammie

My Story About Transformation with Kundalini Yoga


Years ago I brought a book on Kundalini Yoga & Chakras. I must admit I had no idea what Kundalini was. I tried reading the book but it didn’t make much sense to me, so I put it away in my bookshelf and forgot about it.

Then last year I was at a friend's workshop an one of the ladies there was talking to me about Kundalini yoga. I was intrigued. So I followed the signs and went to my first class. I was shy and tried hiding at the back. After the class, I was full of energy, I was talking to everyone. I felt I had let go of something. I felt lighter & had more space. I feel like I met my spirit.

I had to sign up to the Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training straight away. I needed to learn as much about this as I could and explore why and how it made me feel the way I do.


I found with the training it really made me look at myself, no more hiding. I have cystic fibrosis which is
a genetic lung disease and kidney disease. I sat with that an I no longer wanted to judge myself for having
them, I started to see things as more neutral and started accepting those parts of my body/health.

I felt really comfortable with everyone there and the teacher's were amazing, so wise. They said what we needed to hear and not always what we wanted to hear. Perfect tools for our mind and life. I have never learnt so much in one week.
I would often hear a teaching and get tears in my eyes. It was so beautiful and spoke to my soul. I cried alot. I didn’t even know I was a crier until Week 1 of Training. I had been so use to suppressing my emotions. Being in such a open and supportive environment allowed me to do so, and go deeper into this process.
When I was a child I use to stutter, so naturally I have a weak throat chakra. I never use to like talking about my health. I would try and avoid it.

Since starting Kundalini yoga I have opened up so much about my health and am now writing a blog, trying to get awareness out there about cystic fibrosis a& organ donation.
From 5 months of doing Kundalini Yoga I have been able to openly talk about my health. Something I have been working towards for years.

Chanting is amazing and is one of my favourite parts of Kundalini Yoga. It is helping my throat chakra.
In Week 2 of the training, We did a heart opening kriya an I felt my heart open. It hurt for a little bit. Afterwards came a flood of emotions. I got grumpy , annoyed and upset at myself, there was a lot of resistance there for me to sit with these uncomfortable feelings. I ended up going for a drive on lunch break. Then I realized this is how I usually deal with these uncomfortable feelings, I run and usually hide. “I don’t want to do that any more”.
I acknowledged all those feelings an sat with them again. This time I didn’t judge. I watched.
The next morning after, something had shifted maybe even completely lifted. I was lighter, happier, confident, felt really focused, clear and light-hearted

I taught my first class, morning Sadhana. I felt really good about it, even better once I had finished the Japji. I didn’t feel nervous or any of the emotions I thought I would. I was completely neutral & confident. Even though I had worded a few things wrong. It was all ok, I was ok.

The Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training with Satmukh and Sat Sarbat has been the best thing I have ever done for myself in 31 years. Kundalini yoga is teaching me to love and accept all parts of myself an how to deal with my emotions towards my health in a positive, healthy way.
The more I do kundalini the more Iam at peace with myself and my life & I think thats better than anything & one of the reasons I love Kundalini Yoga.


Sat Nam, 



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