5 Tips for Beginners Yoga Students

If you haven't practiced Kundalini Yoga or any other yoga before, here are some tips for you so you can join a Kundalini Yoga class and start to reap the benefits!




1. Be open minded

Clear all expectations and free your mind of concerns like: 'what's going to happen in a class', or 'what if I don't like it'. The more open minded you are the more that you receive. A clouded mind is a mind that holds fear and blockages the natural flow for things to happen. An open mind is a mind without judgement, ready to flow with new opportunities. If there is anything you haven't tried before, give yourself the chance to explore new paths. Perhaps you'll discover something amazing. We only need to be alert and be open for new things to happen.

2. Experience and flexibilIty is not important

What matters is to recognise where we are in each moment and where we want to be, enjoying the process while doing it and without comparing yourself to others. It is not about how far down you can bend or how good you are in a posture, it is about going deeper within yourself while you practice. It is totally an internal practice. For that reason Kundalini Yoga is normally practiced with eyes closed!

3. Practice regularly

The benefits of yoga come in each session and in the long term a 'transformation' (body, mind, heart) may occur, leading to an improved quality of life. You must know that you are always evolving to something better. But the truth is that if you reduce the intervals between each class you take, and attend more often, you can become totally involved in the process of 'transformation' that can bring unimaginable benefits in your life. Life starts within, and yoga heals from within. Be patient and keep going on with your practice consistently!

4. Be curious

Ask your teacher whatever you'd like to know or any concerns you have to help you to move on to the next level of practice. We're always happy to have you in class and help you with your own growth. Be aware of all the obstacles or resistance you find on the way. You must know that any fear that comes up in form of resistance can be part of the transformation process as well.  

5. Trust

Kundalini Yoga can be a 'weird' practice for some people who are unfamiliar with the technique; using mantras, chanting, meditations, deep breathing etc. But in fact it is an enjoyable practice in which you feel uplifted and connected. It is a truly authentic practice that bring peace, balance and love. Trust it and enjoy the process, enjoy each second of your practice whatever you're doing (breathing heavily, repeating a mantra, practicing with your eyes closed, etc).

If you trust the process, knowing that it heals, rejuvenates and brings health to you, you'll love it!

We wish you all the best on your yoga journey. If you'd like to learn more, our Online Beginner's Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Course can provide you with the fundamentals for daily practice.


Sat nam,

The team at Kundalini Yoga Brisbane