Community Circle

Everything comes from Infinity through a process called Birth, followed by Life, at the end of which we face Death/Transformation to be Reborn again into Infinity. This is a cycle of creation.

Whatever/whoever enters this cycle must exit at some stage. However, we never truly consider the nature of death. Yogi Bhajan said that if a person does not understand death, he does not understand life either. If someone fears death, they also fear life. Our denial produces fear in the subconscious mind, which blocks prosperity and creates dis-ease in our lives. Kundalini Yoga technology offers us powerful practices allowing us to conquer the fear of death and experience deathlessness (akaal) through relating to our Infinite Self. How do we do it? One of the ways to cut down such fear is to dedicate our soul to a certain sound.

In the first stage of our workshop on the cycle of creation, we begin our circle with talking about Death. What happens then? What do the teachings say about this moment and how to handle it? Can we do something now to face it gracefully whenever the time comes?

Contrary to the way we often think of it as ‘THE END’, it might very likely be the beginning of our journey home. This life was given to us to prepare for this important moment and experience Infinity in our finite.

As one of the aboriginal proverbs says, we are all just visitors to this time and place, and when the time comes we return Home. Death is often a subject we like to avoid. It is frequently denied by our subconscious mind as a protection mechanism in order to avoid unpleasant feelings associated with it. In this workshop, we are going to explore the nature of death as part of a cycle of life. What happens when we die according to yogis? What do we do at the moment of death? How do we prepare for this crucial moment in our life?

 “The purpose of life is not life. The purpose is that death should die for you. You should never die” (Yogi Bhajan).


Join our July Circle on ‘Life Cycles’ - Life, Death, Infinity, Rebirth


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- Cycle of Life: Life, Death, Infinity & Rebirth
- Gong
With Yana Soorya

Saturday 20 July
4pm - 6pm