Just as the moon affects the waves in the ocean, it has a powerful impact on our emotional and spiritual tides, and our human anatomy. The full moon influences the deep ocean of the atma (universal soul), which we are all part of.

All the processes within our physical and energetic selves are naturally accelerated on a full moon. Glandular secretions of the body increase to their maximum, emotions are at their peak and our connection to the subtle world strengthens. Our biofeedback moves from Moon to Full Moon, and no Moon to Full Moon.

Come join us for this SPECIAL Class Aquarian Sadhana.

With Yana Soorya

Wednesday 11th September, 6:00am - 8:15am

6:00am – 6:25am Japji recitation

6:25am – 7:15am Kriya & deep relaxation

7:15am – 8:15am Mantras

You can join right from the beginning or come as you normally would to our 6:30am class. Please arrive for a 6:25am start at the latest.

If you need to get to work early, leave anytime during the Aquarian Mantras. It’s an early start but you won’t believe how energized you will feel after for the rest of the day infused will clarity and grace. If you have time after we will all go for a coffee/tea and breakfast at a local café. Such a beautiful way to start the day and this new cycle.

During this time the veil to our subconscious drops and we are able to free ourselves from deep seated blocks, insecurities and traumas quickly. Practicing Kundalini yoga and specifically reciting the sacred texts of Japji Sahib (“The Song of the Soul”) and the Aquarian Mantras allows us to experience our FULLness and feel FULfillment, a beginning of a new process of consciousness growth.


Wednesday 11 September

6:00am - 8:15am



KYB students pay with membership or class pass




Spaces are strictly limited. Book in advance to avoid disappointment. Wear comfy clothes. You certainly don't have to, but we invite you to wear white clothes as this is part of the Kundalini Yoga tradition.  

Yummy vegan chocolate and tea will be served.