“Sadhana is an exertion of self-will to steady the projection of your personality towards the positivity of life. Sadhana is a meter which tells us when our will is weak. Sadhana is where you have a triumph over time and space. It is where your majesty comes to display and you conquer the temptations around you.” Yogi Bhajan⁣

We come together in community to practice yoga, mantra and meditation. What a great way to start this cosy, cleansing and nourishing time to reset and rejuvenate our bodies, our minds and our hearts.⁣


The Sadhana practice is an ancient Kundalini Yoga practice suitable for Kundalini yoga practitioners and new students who want to get deep into their practice. This practice is a fundamental part of the Level One Teacher Training. 

You'll practice Sadhana early in the morning before the sun rising. Sadhana will allow you to energise yourself from early hours of the day. You will practice 2.5 hours of Kundalini Yoga which includes a Kriya (set of exercises) and mantra meditation. Your body, mind and soul will be aligned for the rest of your day.


A 2.5 hour Sadhana Session with Japji meditation + Kundalini Yoga + Aquarian mantras. 

We’ll practice yoga, mantra and meditation. After the yoga and meditation early morning practice, there will be some chai tea and cake to spend time together in community. You’re welcome to bring a plate to share.

After sadhana there is yoga class 8:30am if you would like to join us.


Sadhana is for everybody. Previous experience with Kundalini yoga or other forms of yoga is not required. Beginners are welcome.


Saturday 22 June, with Jaap Shiva Kaur


5:00am - 7:30am - Yoga, meditation practice

at 11 Sussex St, West End

what to bring

- Yoga mats are provided buy you’re welcome to bring yours if you’d like.

- Yoga clothes, head cover if you'd like. White is preferred but if you don't have white just do your best and bring what you find comfortable.

- Water bottle.

- After Sadhana there will be some chait tea and cake. You’re welcome to bring something to share.


Spaces are limited. book your spot now.

Sadhana is paid by donation. Your contribution is very much appreciated as it helps us to hold these monthly sessions!