Healing a Broken Heart is a program to learn, experience and integrate the basic yogic techniques of Kundalini Yoga to heal the stress, anxiety and pain of the Heart after a sudden shock. This program consists of two private sessions of two hours each with home practice between both sessions (over one week). Enrich your life from inside with a more peaceful mind and emotional balance. Gain confidence and self-esteem to improve your quality of life. Be yourself again and feel good even in the most challenging situations in life. 


who is this useful for:

If you are suffering from stress or a broken heart this program has been designed for you. Perhaps your therapist/psychologist has recommended Kundalini yoga for you to try? You may be experiencing a very emotional, stressful and difficult time due to a separation or relationship issues. You may be experiencing different symptoms like mild depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc.



The focus of these sessions will be on some strategies to calm the mind and relax your body. To stop the constant racing thoughts and help calm the anxiety and tension you may be experiencing. Through practice and empowering yourself with some fundamentals of yoga which will help bring you more clarity and heal your body and mind.


Recover your energy levels and ensure you are connected to your source of vitality and strength to feel revitalised in each moment. Get the necessary tools for stress management and to release the suffering of the heart centre. Leave each session feeling good and with the experience that will help you get courage, strength and happiness ahead. 


Strengthen your mind so you can use it for your benefit rather than allow it to control you. Become positive, release anxiety and negativity and get clarity of mind. 


Learn useful breathing techniques that will empower you whilst facing a difficult time. Use these techniques to get the energy you need during your day. Rejuvenate body and mind by breathing well.


Balance your life with a healthy body and mind, increasing your emotional and spiritual health. Introduce some healthy yogic habits to help you find support and balance in your life. Fill your life with optimism and happiness. Recover self esteem and confidence.



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Carolina has extensive experience with private sessions and will adapt each session to your needs. Simply book your sessions and let us know what your aims are and preferred availability. We will answer within 24 hours. Thank you!