SunChild Teacher Training, certified by AAA International Kundalini Yoga School

October 20-26, 2019

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“Children are not naive little things, they are sensitive, sensible, vibratory, eating creatures. They understand the surroundings, they understand what people mean and how mean they are, they have a thermometer in them. As thermometer can measure the temperature so the child can measure the dishonesty of the parents. Child can measure the dishonesty of the surroundings, child can know the child is innocent, innocence have one beauty, through innocence you can know the unknown and so long the child is unknown in the innocence he knows what neurotic those two bodies are which he calls parents. In other words, the word parent is pay the rent. And pay it honestly and pay it gracefully. And let the child know that you are the guardian in Divinity, not guardian in ego”. - Yogi Bhajan 

The SunChild Teacher Training is based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and certified by the AAA International Kundalini Yoga School.

There is no Teacher Training to teach children certified by KRI (Kundalini Research Institute). The SunChild as well as the Radiant Child are under the teachings of Kundalini Yoga but not certified by the KRI.


Kundalini Yoga has been given to us by a great master, Yogi Bhajan, and encompasses all aspects of life. It helps children to get to know themselves and their body in a joyful and playful way.

It balances their emotions and helps to reduce anxiety and aggression. It has been proven by research that yoga increases concentration, self-esteem, manages stress and emotion, increases flexibility, balance, coordination and well-being, and introduces kids to healthy lifestyle choices and strong positive habits.

Furthermore it improves social behavior as it makes children more loving, self conscious and calm. Reinforcing their personality and nervous system, Kundalini Yoga prepares children to face challenges and negative aspects of life with a positive approach and with tools that work.


  • Strenghten your personality and confront the patterns that limit your life

  • Identify your chilhood wounds & rediscover you innocence and inner joy

  • The innerchild in adulthood

  • Childhood from a yogic point of view

  • Children psychology & stages of growth

  • Family systems & patterns

  • Parenting tools

  • Conscious communication

  • How to approach difficult children

  • Lifecycles (7, 11, 18 years old)

  • How to teach a class

While learning several techniques that will help you to teach children of all ages, it will at the same time help you to be a more joyful and stable human being in healing your own childhood and confront your patterns.

Children development & relationship to children

• Working with children
• Kundalini Yoga for adults and children: differences
• Chakras and chakra development in childhood
• Pregnancy, birth and first 40 days of life according to Kundalini Yoga philosophy
• Mother as teacher/first phase of life, father as teacher/second phase of life

Kundalini Yoga for children

• Postures for children and effects,
• How to teach a class; Important tips and sets (classes) divided by age groups (2-3; 4-5; 7-10; 11-12 and teens),
• Rituals, games, chants and dances, 
• Sets for the eyes, stress, anger; Relaxation; Massage, 
• Stages of growth and Kundalini Yoga adapted to age groups, 
• How to deal with teenagers, 
• Working with difficult children and techniques for teachers and children for strengthening the nerves, 
• Trial classes with feedback.

Wounded Child

• Theory and healing work on the inner child and the hidden self, 
• Identify personal patterns which blocks your innocence and joy.

The manual for participants to this teacher training is a 180-page long, very comprehensive guide on Yogi Bhajan's teachings for children and parenting. It also includes modern research and techniques in the field of child education coming from other sources.



The SunChild Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is open to people of all professions who are interested in yoga for children and incorporating it into their life and work, to deepen their understanding and experience of kundalini yoga and meditation and share it with others.

This Training gives you fundament, techniques and resources in the field of children for yoga teachers, yoga teachers in training, school and kindy teachers, parents, health professionals, therapists, psychologists, coaches, educators and social workers.

This is a unique adventure in consciousness for personal development for both yoga students and those who wish to immerse themselves in the science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.




The Teachings of Ajai Alai Awakening International Kundalini Yoga School will give you a foundation of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. The AAA is a Kundalini Yoga School delivering awareness and community-building programs, with the intention to raise the consciousness of human beings to help them build a strong base of positive habits and live a healthier and happier life.  The school offers an honest and dynamic space for growth and healing where you will be challenged and inspired to grow up to your potential. The AAA School teaches in Asia, Europe and Australia, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


your trainers


SATMUKH SINGH KHALSHA and SAT SARBAT KAUR are Founders of the Ajai Alai Awakening International School of Kundalini Yoga. They have a wealth of knowledge and have been training teachers internationally for more than ten years. They are the lead AAA trainers in Asia, Europe and Australia.

Sat Sarbat is a KRI Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer Level 1 and 2 and Mentoring Lead. Sat Sarbat expanded her experience around Yogi Bhajan's teachings, by following several trainings, such as Sat Nam Rasayan Healing, Numerology, Conscious Pregnancy, and Children Yoga.

Since 2001 Sat Sarbat Kaur is certified to teach yoga to children through the American Radiant Child™ Yoga Program, Next Generation Yoga® , as well as by 3HO Germany where she followed the first edition of the Kundalini Yoga teacher training for children offered by its creator: Shiva Kaur Khalsa.

For 6 years Sat Sarbat Kaur gave regular yoga classes to children from 4 to 12 years in her yoga centre in Austria as well as in several elementary and maternity schools, before becoming herself a trainer for children yoga teachers.

In the past she has been a trainer of 3HO Germany and part of the team of the Amrit Nam Sarovar school in France for the development of children and teenagers programs. She has now been offering her own teacher training for children worldwide since 2013.  On the personal level her experience with children is a life-long one, as she raised herself nine children among her own and adopted ones.

She believes that children should be taught to tap into their inner strength, peace and happiness in order to become trustworthy, reliable and independent adults.



“The teacher training for children is a body and mental healing process.It makes me hug my inner child again and can face my wound child with soft energy. It makes me open a pure space to play yoga with children.”- Beantjot Kaur

“The SunChild teacher training for children was a surprising present for me. It allowed me to touch the inside corners I didn't see for many years. Even as a mother I have learned a lot from teaching my child, I did not realize that how I was driven by the inner child and my hidden self. This course gave me a lot of healings. The classes for children are so creative and so fun,but also a challenge for me. And I learned how to keep neutral by letting go my expectation and how to teach children to love not to love me. Our teacher is full of humor,nwe really enjoyed being children and students in her demo classes.” - Dharamjot Kaur

“The first Teacher Training SunChild hold in Taiwan just came out with its fresh graduates. The course given by Sat Sarbat Kaur is so great! We're so lucky to experience her teaching! Many people who have previously gone through a children yoga Teacher Training could not find the right tools to start teaching and offer a proper class. But now we are equipped with many key knowledge and techniques related to children and we are ready to give classes. All the more important, we have undergone a deep healing process in the space held by Sat Sarbat Kaur. It is amazing beyond description!
Hopefully more people will come and offer assistance to all parents and children. I felt heart ache every time when I heard the sharing on how the inner child can be hurt because of some unconscious words and actions. I really hope everyone can contribute to a brighter future!.” - Shabad Deep Kaur, Organizer of SunChild Teacher Training in Taiwan.


immersive retreat

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Being together in nature during the SunChild Teacher Training and sharing a collective yogic lifestyle for six days is very impactful. It is a source of inspiration and growth. This training immersion in the yogic teachings offering the optimum condition to deepen your practice, embrace positive habits, enter a transformational process and encounter your destiny. 


Practicing yoga in a natural environment, disconnected from your routine, is an opportunity to feel a deeper connection with yourself, the earth, the surroundings. 

The practice of Kundalini Yoga helps us to recognise and to embrace the patterns, rhythms and cycles of nature. It gives you the possibility to align your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and experience a deeper sense of unity.


Joining the residential training is a gift that you offer to yourself. It is an opportunity to create space for you to be, and not do. Away from your daily responsibilities, you increase your chance to encounter your deeper self. It is a time to observe, transform and integrate. Your own growth will be supported by a collective living space, with the possibility to serve each other and reconnect to our original nature, to give and to receive. 


retreat on the sunshine coast


The retreat is conveniently located on the Sunshine Coast in the beautiful Noosa Hinterland. The privileged location offers peace and tranquility while providing an experience tucked away from it all. A 45 acre retreat facility in a beautiful, spacious and natural environment, it's the perfect place to do your Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. 


The retreat is only 20 minutes from Maroochydore Airport, 10 minutes to Peregian Beach, 1 1/2 hours from Brisbane  and 20 minutes to Noosa. 

The retreat has twin shared accommodation.

You will be catered for with nutritious and wholesome vegetarian gluten free food prepared daily with love. The quality of the food, as well as its simplicity, is such a great support for the process of transformation that the students go through during this week.



The total investment includes all teacher training fees, double shared accommodation for the 6 nights, vegetarian meals and manuals. Course material is included in price and comprises a manual and copies of sets, meditations, mantras and songs for children.


Registration deposit of $500



Early-bird price for registrations before June 30


Registration deposit of $500

$500 July 30; $1230 before September 30

Price for registrations after June 30


Registration deposit of $500

$500 August 30; $1390 before September 30


Spaces are limited. register Early.

  1. Make a $500 deposit OR pay full amount to reserve your place.

  2. Please find full terms and conditions.

  3. Please fill in the Registration Form.



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SunChild Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training
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