Student Testimonials

I have tried other forms of yoga, and Kundalini is very new to me. My first class was such a beautiful experience, and meeting Carolina was divine. Her gentle teaching approach really resonates with me, and it’s extremely powerful to be with her in the studio. Kundalini works for me because I enjoy the stomach work, heavy breathing and chanting mantras and I am enjoying how active and awakening it is! I’ve found it to be the most amazing discovery, helping with my self-transformation so much! Thank you Carolina for giving me the most gorgeous classes and embracing who I am. I look forward to many more!
— Josi Hawkens
Kundalini yoga has allowed me to find the much needed stillness of mind and stress relief that I have been seeking in my life. I am able to walk away from each of Carolina’s beautiful classes with clarity and calmness!
— Kathy Gardiner
Thank you so much for this morning class and for introducing me to Kundalini yoga, it really lifted my spirit and I felt so calm today.
— Skye Peterson
I felt like I was floating on clouds at The Wellbeing Session! What a wonderful introduction to the power of Kundalini. Thank you Kundalini Yoga Brisbane from the bottom of my heart.
— Jade Olsen
“About a month ago I got the intuitive pull to look into learning Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. I decided to come in for a free class to see if Kundalini was the right fit for me and I fell so in love with the process and the incredible space that Jamie holds for you whilst she teaches and guides you in your practice that I signed up for the June Female Shakti Activation Series immediately, as I knew it was going to bring about so many positive changes. I have been practising with Jamie through this series for only two weeks and the energetic shifts, the alignment and the inner peace that has come from it has been out of this world. I had every single ex-partner that I have had reach out and make peace with me, my energetic makeup has completely changed, my aura is clean and strong, I vibrate on a whole new wavelength and “medical” issues I have had for years have completely vanished including a breathing/chest problem  that no doctor could figure out! If you are being called to practice Kundalini Yoga & Meditation I highly recommend Jamie and her classes as she is the most supportive, fun, charismatic, intuitive, caring space holder and an incredible teacher & guide. She is very passionate about what she brings to the table in her sessions but she’s also that beautiful infectious bright light in the room that makes you laugh and smile from the heart. Much Love & Light.
— Jessica Armstrong
I’ve found Kundalini yoga with Carolina and now I look forward to going to my class every week. This is what I wanted, the spiritual part of yoga that is so often missing.
— Sophie Stouff
Her classes will gently awaken you to the serenity that lies within you, as well as your natural energy resources, to leave you feeling vibrant and rejuvenated. You will see this reflected in her considered and balanced classes!
— Brie McAlpine, Founder at Spirit Rising Yoga.
Carolina’s class was my first Kundalini yoga experience, and it changed my life! She holds such a peaceful and sacred space, where I am able to go very deep within meditations leaving me feeling so light and balanced at the end of each class. Such an amazing experience. Since Kundalini yoga has come into my life I am able to use the tools I have learnt from class to help me begin my day on a more positive note. I feel very grateful to experience her classes and feel I have learnt a lot about myself since beginning kundalini yoga with her. Thank you, I could not picture my life without it now.
— Casey Jamieson
Coming to Kundalini Yoga Brisbane is like going on a holiday
— Bec Reed